About David

X-5503-web-BI grew up in the north end of Halifax and attended Dalhousie University. It was during my time at Dal that I became passionate about photography, and that passion continues.

I’ve taught a Mount St. Vincent Public Relations module, been a guest speaker at local photography schools as well as at all (I think) local camera clubs. I’m one of the co-hosts of Eastlink TV’s The Big Picture photography show, and when I’m not shooting professionally I’m shooting for fun!

I’ve been a professional photographer for almost four decades and I still get a thrill when I cover a wedding or a hockey game or an annual meeting. I worked for almost a decade as a full time newspaper photographer and have had my images published in many North American newspapers and magazines. I started my own photography business in the 1990’s and since then my work has variously been published in annual reports, hung on living room walls, and been re-experienced as a former bride thumbs through her album on her wedding anniversary.

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